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We are very excited to announce that the Bundesliga Academy Talent ID Program is expanding their Global Talent search to the Pacific Oceania region.


David Mueller, Global Director of Soccer for Team Wasserman Sporting Agency, and Program Sponsor Schächter Sports GMBH are spearheading the Bundesliga's effort to connect Deutsche Fußball Academies with local Pacific talent in a program dedicated to develop the next group of high performance Professional soccer players. Over the last decade, Mr. Mueller's firm has represented virtually every American player that is playing professionally in Europe. (Pulisic, McKennie, Reyna, Sargent, Morgan, and more)

As explained, "Due to work visa restrictions, federation alliances, etc; virtually, every American who plays in European Leagues, does so through Germany's Bundesliga first. We have known that the Pacific region is an untapped hot bed of talent. We desire to connect Germany's scientific and proven formula for development; with the contractual, legal, residency, and agency guidance to those selected athletes in the Pacific."


For the first time in Hawaii, athletes will have a legitimate chance and a proven pathway into European Professional soccer through the German Bundesliga. We are truly excited at Pono Athletics to be a part of this exclusive program. We will be working with the local youth soccer organizations to ensure everyone will have an opportunity to be one of the selected.


The project scope to include:

-Honolulu Indoor Facility

-Athlete tech Metric/Monitoring/Tracking program and systems

-HD and VR video lab

-Academy Coaches/Scouts to host several yearly tryouts/camps/clinics in Hawaii

-Monthly trainings/metric days

-ID Tournament featuring European Academy and Pacific teams

-Camp/clinic training weeks in Germany (U14 and below)

-Bundesliga Team tryout weeks in Germany (U15 and up)

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